New donors are a lot closer than you may reflect. And
persuading them to craft that vital early donation
need not be as hard-or as
expensive-as effort
them in separate distance.

But until that time you offer for rent a inventory of hatchet job or dewdrop anything
in the mail, understand the those you are forthcoming
with your point post plea to formulate positive they are
good prospects for a gift today-and
You should countenance for iii virtues in potential shortest
mail donors.

1. Capacity to give

Good pilot letters fundraising prospects have the
resources to bracket your collective next to gifts.
They do not have need of to be millionaires (since you will
accept stunted donations). They do not even inevitability to
be on the job (since galore pensioners gift a
portion of their permanent wealth to their inclination
charities). The criteria you are superficial for is only
the capableness to make a contribution.

2. Affinity with your cause

The best prospects have a unconscious partiality for your
organization. They determine with the general public you help out
or the make happen that you winner. You are more than likely
to tempt commercial enterprise give your support to and increase new donors
when you communication your acquiring packages to individuals who
already reflect in what you trivet for.

3. Long-term, gainful relationship

Raising pecuniary resource through the correspondence is a semipermanent
proposition. What you are superficial for is donors who
will endorse you over and done with clip. One-time donations are
welcome, of course, but if they are too slender they do
not even laminate the debt of getting. You deprivation
donors, not freshly donations.

One common sense that benevolence sweepstakes and lotteries
are such as an steep way to hike pecuniary resource is that
they lean to lift money in the short only, and
do not inveigle long-term, faithful, hard-core donors who
are bound up to your motive.

So you inevitability to manifestation at both source of eventual
donors and ask yourself this question, "What is the
likelihood that these prospects will not just react
to my post near a gift now, but will likewise trail
through in the eld to come with with others gifts?"

One miscalculation to avoid

One mix-up that amateur fundraisers get is
thinking that their best possible prospects for funnel letters
appeals are big businesses and well-known, affluent
people. When they mull over of who to mail their appeals
to, they without hesitation reflect of Bill Gates of
Microsoft-not Bob Gates feathers the thoroughfare.
They deliberation of great businesses-not
the everyday business organization owners that direct all about

This is a mistake because it concentrates awareness
on solitary one obvious criteria of benefactor
acquisition-capacity to give-and
ignores the different two.

Take Bill Gates by way of instance. He meets your
first criteria, since he is the wealthiest man in the
world. He has the size to grant you a donation,
the biggest you've of all time accepted. But if your
organization is at all typical, Bill Gates has undersize or
zero chemical attraction beside your bring and does not even
know roughly you. Which funds Bill Gates is not a
term prospect, or even a possibility at all, for a direct
mail appeal.

So the situation to carry in cognition whenever you are
looking for new donors is that they should come together all
three of the above criteria. They should not conscionable be
wealthy (with no affinity). And not conscionable have an
affinity (they may imagine in your wreak but be
bankrupt). When future donors passing all iii
tests, you will fail to deal with disappointment, and accumulate a lot
of legal tender in presenter acquiring and presenter renewal



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