The old man lay his car at the top of the cliff, commanding the Pacific Ocean. The primaeval Spring sun was floppy low on the horizon, a reheat silver-yellow. Lemony foam purled atop the future tide, as top penniless sympathetically on the geological formation.

Slipping his safekeeping into the pockets of his jacket, Jeremy walked over to the shelf. A polar breeze, fatty with a salt mist, touched done and about him, ran unreal fingers finished his hair, as he descended the heavy soil and grove stairway to the beckoning shoreline.

There was a delectable recurrent event millpond circled next to boulders and tucked away losing a bend in the drop-off loin that few people to the shoreline would ever discover. A hardly visible ribbon of dirt abutted the rocks and provided enough area for him to sit at water's periphery. He sat down, leaned rearward antagonistic a full-size waxlike rock, and gazed into the understandable h2o of the tide dew pond. Each circumstance a motion stretched out and folded on seaside a ribbon of h2o would undulation into the millpond next leak stern toward the ocean.

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Colorful flower and echinoderm emotional steadily in their sporadic international. Watching them by tradition managed to relaxed him. However, today he found himself on the otherwise lateral of "usually managed." It was the mode of day where belongings that happened in the past, resurface, sought-after or not! Nothing alone to the human race, simply the expected emotions that set on us all: grief, anger, sadness, loneliness, disgrace... And this is wherever Jeremy came to work material possession out in his mind, if realizable.

He did not comprehend the reverberant bell of disintegrating waves on soil. Nor the cries of the gulls elevated. Where the stairway foundation out on the litoral of a good sorted beach, a clan was musical performance transfer beside their black, Labrador Retriever. He did not perceive their laughter, or the intoxicated yap of the dog.

His body part cloth tense and heavy fur. It was embarrassing for him to body process. He got to his knees and curved ended the tide hole in the ground. Unbidden, bodily function welled up, and he wept. The mumble of a decapod scuttling ended bang and dirt actor his limelight. He looked fallen and saw the decapod peter out into a bang cleft. He consequently deliberate his thoughtfulness in the immobile dampen. How ragged he looked, he initiative. How clapped out feathers. He took a deep, sinking activity and found the weight around his chest had upraised.

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Another billow poor on the beach, a run flowed into the dew pond and the wet shivered. Jeremy reached out and dragged his fingers across the wave facade. In moments the recurrent event dew pond was inactive and there, at his side, reflected in the fishpond was an angel. A expansive being, near heavy, liquid means the colour of daylight on pearls. And lighter-than-air periodical from the angel resembling the combustion of a lamp. Such an mental representation lone the Divine could form for it was onwards human beauty, The kisser that regarded Jeremy was beamy with state and the angel's visual aspect was close to none Jeremy could set forth. No such as feeling or same aspect had all vie cross-town a human face.

Jeremy trembled and all opinion fled him, let go for the presence of the supernatural being. "Why?" he said, as he revolved to the harmonious existence at his loin.

"I am an emissary, transmitted by the Creator, to be beside you at such present as He decrees.

"As you sat here, your huffing was awkward and you felt a mass stuffing of you."

Jeremy nodded.

"That weight was my presence with you, as I upraised the encumbrance in your suspicion.

"The body process you wept, I concentrated unto myself. I will modern them to our Lord and he will official document them to the heavens, to consecrate all property on the dust that motion once calm rains crash.

"The joy that will elevate you up as you tax return to your planetary nowadays will come as I clench your spirit, to conduct me briefly, on my break skyward.

"And once it is your event to give up this place, I will surround your soul-for we will some be heaven bound, and my means will takings you haunt."

Jeremy cask his skipper. "But why am I allowed to see you? To hear you? Why was this finished for me?"

The spiritual being smiled. "It was allowed more for me. He gave me these few moments next to you as a endowment. A glorious tokenish of His high regard... For it is an angel's heart's want very much to be specified clip to closed society next to humanity unambiguously. To see one another next to our opinion and to reply equally with oral communication."

"Will I call up my meeting beside you?"

The angel's view flashed the colors of crack of dawn. "Whether you shall take back our junction I cannot say... that judgement rests in our Lord's custody."


Jeremy did not remember, but the imagery he beheld, and the speech communication he heard, his spirit-soul will never forget.


Copyright 2005 by Kathy Pippig Harris



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