One of the supreme habitually asked questions I get something like Internet marketing is whether or not human should deal in their article of trade as a digital commodity or ebook associates can freshly download or be emailed - or a labour-intensive product that has to be consummated and shipped out by routine communication messages.

Which one is better? Which one is much profitable? Which one makes for a improved business?

My answer:

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Mix it up.

For example, I've got several antithetic products. Some are digital ebooks and sound files, several are corporal.

And I have this edict of pollex I've developed after a lot of research and mistake where on earth anything low $100 can be digital and thing over and done with is personal.

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For example, I have one commodity that was marketing digital for $297. I got a lot of income...but around a 50% (or much) settlement rate!

Since off-ramp it biological - putting the crucial extremity in a harvester and putting all the sound on a string of sensual CD's - the reimbursement rate has practically vanished.

On the different hand, I have saved once I resource the digital products at a lower place $100 I have literally no additional refunds.

Now, I can't warrant this will be the selfsame for everyone, but this has worked for me and is sure enough meriting experimentation if you are troubled beside whether or not you poorness to go digital or geological.



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